How to look for a good SEO Company?

SEO is imperative if you want your business to survive and thrive in this Covid era. It’s the most cost-effective way to drive traffic to businesses. It helps companies to increase brand awareness, engagements, conversion rate, and more. Unfortunately, business owners tend to neglect SEO because they concentrate on survival, quick results through Ads, etc. Big brands focus on SEO, and we have tons of examples to prove this claim. We come across local businesses that get hundreds of thousands of dollars of traffic every month for free through Google during our daily searches. Why? Because they have invested in search engine optimization! SEO, as we know, plays a pivotal role in selling your brand to the world. Therefore, you should have a clear vision of what a genuine SEO agency can do for your business.

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However, choosing a good SEO company can be a daunting task sometimes. Their main job is to ensure your business is on track and driving crazy traffic.

Now, how do you know which of the SEO agency A or Z, is the one?

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of how to look for a good SEO firm.

Ranking Their Website or Any Other Website

The main work of an SEO company is to help your business improve visibility online. As a result, your business will be attracting the right target audience and increase sales volume. What if the SEO agency you are working with does not have its website on Page 1?

Well, if a search engine optimization firm is new, it can be possible though they are good. For example, if the firm is located in a very competitive city, it’s pretty hard for a new SEO Company to get on page 1 in that city, but if they are really good, they should rank some longer tail keywords, in those places. Otherwise, how can they assure clients that they can get them to page 1 of Google when they have never produced a page 1 ranking!

Now, we all know how Google’s algorithm is finicky sometimes. So it also a good idea to check if they have case studies and testimonials to back their achievements. But this is not a necessary condition if the agency has not worked with any client yet.

Most important is that they have a result of any kind to show to their prospective clients.

Rankglider ranking page 1 in Cape Town for SEO Consultant

Remember, SEO is a valuable investment you are making and have to be flawless.

Their works are not affected much by Core Google Updates

Google algorithm changes all the time. We have updates every week, but core Google updates normally happen every three months though it’s never a fixed scenario. Usually, it’s one of the highly sophisticated systems on the internet. That’s why millions of users around the world trust information Google delivers on the search results. In general, these update aims to improve the quality and relevance of the search results.

To be sure, the company you are about to hire masters the inner workings of the Google algorithm; you have to look at their long term ranking results.

Long term SEO ranking for rankglider in Cape Town

A recognized good SEO company has a clear idea of what Google wants to achieve through its search results. But, unfortunately, many companies fall for Google algorithm updates. When they find that something is working, they repeat it to get quick results, but when the next core update hits, they lose everything! Make sure that you are not falling into this trap.

Get Keywords Before The Start of Campaigns

Keywords are words or phrases on your website that enable searchers to reach you through a search engine. Most importantly, Keywords are the traffic highway, and if you get it wrong, your business is headed into oblivion.

In the first place, keyword research should be top of the list before you start any campaign. A good SEO company will research and zero down keywords that your target audience use.

Overall keyword with volumes for Denver Plumbers

Indeed, they should be able to

·   Scan your website and produce all the relatable keywords

·   Create a list of all potential keywords within your niche

·   Analyze competitors

Website Traffic & Monthly Report of Ranking

You’ll be able to achieve more objectives if you know the source of your website visitors.

Measure your marketing campaigns

Find new content

Focus on a landing page that delivers result

Understand visitors to your website

In effect, you can only achieve all these by narrowing down your traffic sources to a particular page. Then, for example, you can track landing pages and measure how they perform.

The monthly report from the SEO Company must consist of the movement of keywords on Google. When it’s true that up and down movements are general trends, it’s also true that after a few months of the campaign, most of your keywords have to be heading towards page 1, not the opposite!

Rankglider SEO Sydney Ranki

Our rankings have changed since we published the post and we are now on page 1 of Google for several keywords like best SEO services Sydney and many others.

Page 1 SEO keywords that Rankglider is ranking in Sydney, Australia

Good SEO's answer all your queries

Business owners have lots of queries. Therefore, it is also reasonable to enquire about the works being performed by SEOs. If you are doubtful, go to their real competitors, and they would be happy to explain what is going wrong with your campaigns.

At Rankglider Media, we are always available to give a deep free website analysis to all those who ask for it. We are new in Sydney for SEO, and we send analyses to all business owners who connect with us on LinkedIn. It’s up to them to seize this opportunity and have a look at our videos. These analyses are personalized and specific to their businesses.

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