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We make sure that you are going for competitive keywords in your niche. We guarantee you first page ranking and your spot in the map pack.

Dominate Your Competition

By intelligently hiring the right SEO agency, you dominate your competition. Else you are being dominated.

Google Algorithms

03 Google Algorithms We are up to date with Google algorithms and we propose changes as and when required to keep you always on top of your competition.

Build Your Empire

Through our dedicated optimization we bring you in front of people looking for your product and services.

Increase Sales Revenue

Watch your business grow exponentially and be ready to take appropriate measures to welcome new customers.

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We bring more traffic to your websites than any other online services. Stop losing customers to your competition!

5 Tips To Hire The Right SEO Company

Be careful when deciding to which SEO agency you want to work with. Your business needs visibility to expand and there is no search engine other than Google that can do this. Time is against you and as each new day passes by your competitors are swooping down your customers and threatening your revenue.

Advertisement is a life time investment for your company and its cost is very high. Getting Organic ranking is cheaper in the long run. Once you achieve #1 position with the right SEO company, you can keep the position all the way long without much investment.

Here are five tips that can help you funnel the affordable, proficient and professional candidate.

Company Niche and Dimension

Make sure that the packages of the SEO agency you choose vary with the size of companies and with niches. Rankglider Internet Marketing understands that every business does not require the same type of SEO strategies. We offer every company a unique detailed plan as to how we intend to rank their websites. If you engage in the same marketing strategies as all other businesses in your niche, you are doomed to failure. Our SEO company will show you the pitfalls and engage in a skillful plan that will make you achieve your goal.

Proximity Services

When you hire an SEO expert, especially for the first time, you have hundreds of queries rumbling in your mind and you need to be assured that your questions are being answered. Our company providing the best SEO services understand your concerns before they arise. We offer you a proximity service to handle them in a timely manner. The expert SEO team at Rankglider Internet Marketing never let your concerns become questions. We know that once you start having the the influx of traffic to your websites, your queries start vanishing.


Select a company that is capable of getting their website ranked well in results. If they are unable to get their own page within the first few Google results it may indicate they cannot do so for you. SEO is not a work once done because Google always changes its algorithms. The best SEO companies are able to track changes in Google algorithms. Thereby, they make appropriate changes so that your websites are always optimized and ranked appropriately by search engine web crawlers. Our search engine optimization experts identify issues holding your websites back in search results just by looking at your websites. There are many people who claim to be SEO experts but do not have the background to effectively rank your websites. In fact, these non-experts can cause lots of damage to your sites by employing tricks to rank instead of practicing professional codes. Alternatively, since they do not know, they are in a state of fear and just never deliver.

Time To Change

Whatever be the niche of your business, the onrush of competition makes your company vulnerable. This is because each and everyone wants to grab the first page spot. The SEO company you decide to hire should rank your website in a time frame without asking for any help on your part. This way you are free to concentrate fully on your own business. Your content is analyzed and keywords optimized by our team of experts to increase your visibility. You pay a reasonable price for a quality service that eventually increases the traffic to your website.

Understanding Final Process

One of the definite reasons as to why business owners should choose to work with Rankglider Internet Marketing is that we are serious to our undertaking. Our promise stand above all. Our team of search engine optimization professionals will explain to you how ranking can be done on a keyword basis. This means that you will spend less in the beginning while continuing to glide the ranks. We bring targeted customers to your websites for your goods and services. This way you will grow your customer base and income.

Understanding Final Process

The Right SEO Company You Want To Work With

What is important is that the search engine optimization experts you decide to work with gets you a decent amount of traffic so that you can thereby build upon it to further increase your exposure with more trending keywords.

If your website is not ranking on page 1 of Google for your business, goods or services, then you are losing money. You might ask yourself as to why you need a search engine optimization expert at the local level. You just have to look around you to understand that everyone’s eyes are locked to their smart phones. People are looking for everything they want via the internet than any other means.

Can your company afford to lose all these potential customers? We can help you to get more customers to your business. We will optimize your website for mobile devices. When you first contact us, we offer you a Free Website Analysis and during our free consultation we propose to you the appropriate changes that can help you rank on page 1 of Google and other major search engines.

Do not lose more customers to your competitors. Contact us at (+230) 57758853 to get started today!
Roshan has definitely gone above and beyond for any client they take on. Don't trust anyone that hasn't had a good rep online or results. Definitely would recommend Rankglider Internet Media to anyone looking to gain organic exposure online.
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