How many clients can you get from your website using SEO?

Businesses that are benefiting from SEO do so in great silence.


The reason is simple. If your competitors don’t brag about the benefits of SEO to other businesses in their niche, they can silently continue to eat up the fruits coming from the SEO tree. On the other hand, if they start telling their competitors how much business they are getting due to SEO, they are creating competition for themselves. No business would like to do that. Am I wrong?

SEO done correctly can keep your website in the first three top results of the search engines for your keywords. Why do I say keywords but not brand? The simple reason is that whatever the case, your brand will always rank high on page 1 with only some basic SEO work. However, the only exception might be when your brand name competes with brands that share similar names, even partially. In cases where your brand has a unique name, ranking for the brand name is a NO SEO! The latter happens naturally while your SEO is working with your keywords ranking.

Your business gets visitors from the internet mainly in 2 different ways:

1) Branded Searches

Branded searches happen when customers who have taken your service or know your brand type your name on the internet. Most of the time, they will likely find you in the first spot because Google favours keywords in the domain name. With a unique brand on the internet like RankGlider, your business will appear to your customers in the first position on Google.

Consequently, a well-known brand name has limitations in the amount of traffic it can generate from the internet. The reason is that customers who already know the brand will contact you for your services or product by doing branded searches. So, your customer base is restricted to the number of people who knows your brand.

How to increase your customer base?

The next question is how you can get more clients or what is the maximum number of clients your business can generate from the internet. The answer lies in keyword searches.

2. Keyword Searches

Keyword searches happen when a customer is looking for a service or product online by typing the service or product instead of any brand name. For example, a client in Sydney, Australia, types in ‘carpet cleaning’ on the browser, and if the client wants to be more specific, they type in ‘carpet cleaning Sydney’.

In such a circumstance, the websites appearing on the first three spots on Google or maps would be those businesses that have invested in good SEO works. Google is synonymous with credibility when it comes to local businesses. If you are a local business and have invested your money to be on the first three spots for your keywords, you are probably a serious business that delivers quality services to your clients.

Is the above statement arguable?

Probably both yes and no, but it’s also true that if a business has few clients, its business might not be trustworthy as its cash flow might not be sufficient to deliver the required results to its customers.

On the other hand, a serious business that wants to scale, though small, will deliver excellent results by working on very small profits. I have myself done that at the beginning of my SEO business. But now, our company is expanding rapidly even during the post covid era. We are ranking our website for keywords in different cities like Sydney Australia, Cape Town & Johannesburg in South Africa and Mauritius, where the Head Office of RankGlider is located.

What is the optimal number of clients a brand can generate from the internet?

It all boils down to how many keywords the business ranks in the top positions on Google. Google displays its keyword volumes on its Google planner. The latter is public data, and every business should have an idea of their potential client from the internet. So, if your business has very few keywords, most probably your capacity to harness clients from the internet is limited.

We at RankGlider can prepare a video analysis for your business for free. The reason is that we are very transparent with our potential clients about what results in they can expect if they decide to get clients using search engines, especially Google. Google accounts for over 70% of all internet searches, and growing your local business using Google is a smart plan.


If you want to know your business’s worth on the internet, it’s probably a bad idea to ask your competitor. The obvious reason is that they will lie to you if they are already benefiting from the internet. The right person to ask is your SEO guy, whom you get to know by doing a keyword search. Just ignore the Ads when looking for your SEO because if an SEO cannot rank its own business, it will probably never be able to rank yours!

Contact us today if you found us through keyword searches or solid referral. We are ready to help your business reach the next level through Google ranking!