Mauritius Shopping Malls

Development of shopping malls in Mauritius and their effects

The recent mushrooming of shopping malls in the Mauritius has given a new face to the country. It has witnessed the construction of more than a dozen malls in the past few years. Unfortunately, some have not experienced the expected success. Formerly, Port Louis, Phoenix, and Le Caudan Waterfront hosted several brands under a single roof. Today, some of the most modern and sophisticated shopping centers have emerged. Most of the unpopular malls are facing an economic crisis due to the uncertainty of profitability. The cause is also the high number of malls in the country. To such, the buying trend tends to evolve during promotional periods. This article gives an overview at some of the shopping malls in Mauritius as listed below:

  • Bagatelle Mall

Bagatelle Mall is the leading retail and shopping destination in Mauritius. It attracts different shoppers due to its leisure and comprehensive retail options. Here, we can see some of the world’s dominant brands. Whether it is for entertainment, shopping convenience or unlimited leisure, they are all majestically set to favor their customers. It has 150 shops and offers the most compelling and comprehensive lifestyle shopping experience in the country. This complex hosts the largest number of specialty stores on this island.

  • Phoenix Commercial Center

Phoenix mall is the perfect place to fulfill your needs and wish whether you are after entertainment, shopping or family fun outing. It was at one time extended to include 37 more retail outlets. Now it boasts of about 80 shops. This invites you to a better shopping experience. We could see delicious eateries offering foods from around the world. We have all from the leading local retailers to the world-famous international brands. Here, its just one stop destination for all your shopping.

  • Grand Baie La Croisette

This is a mall dedicated to an amalgam of flavors, entertainment, and fashion. La Croisette offers unparalleled retail mix combined with entertainment, world-class fashion, dining, and leisure attractions. It is the biggest mall in the North  and offers the only multiplex cinema for movie lovers.  Mauritians and tourists enjoy going to this shopping mall because of its 110 food and retail outlets which is the largest in the North of the island.

Other malls in the country include Grand Bay Store, Caudan Waterfront, Ruisseau Creole, and Super U – Grand Bay Coeur De Ville.

These malls create jobs for the Mauritians. They work as customer attendants in the malls, accountants, drivers for business vehicles, chefs and waiters in the eateries, and even mall managers. These malls have improved the living standards among residents due to the quality product they offer. The Mauritian government earns income from the taxes paid by some malls that have not been exempted from taxes.

Tourism is the key source of national GDP in Mauritius. The latter has highly supported the development of shopping malls. Tourists act as a ready market to different brands offered in these shopping centers. For example, Bagatelle Mall attracts tourists as it offers them spacious walkways, spectacular architecture, and an unparalleled array of both local and international brands in retail.

It is the high time that you should be editing your trip plan to ensure you don’t miss the world-class shopping experience while visiting Mauritius. The malls are also excellent for locals and especially the newly opened ones offer promotions to customers. Don’t be left out!